BergaFEMME for Women

All Natural Female Menopause & Cardio Support Supplement

BergaFEMME may assist in :

Balancing Hormones

Decreasing Menopausal Symptoms


Reducing Body Fat

Improving Athletic Performance

Acting as an Effective Anti-Inflammatory


Lowering Blood Pressure

Lowering Cholesterol Levels

Improving Arterial Health

"Menopause is a time for a woman to evaluate
all of her heart disease risk factors." *


 Chrisandra Shufelt, MD

Assistant Director of the Women’s Heart Center and a North American Menopause Society (NAMS) Certified Menopause Practitioner

  All BergaMet products are made from citrus bergamot grown in the Calabrian region of southern Italy.

This area yields the most potent citrus bergamot fruit in the world.

BergaMet is the ONLY bergamot polyphenol OFFICIALLY APPROVED by the prestigious Accademia del Bergamotto.

Formulated with Powerful, Natural Ingredients and the Strongest Citrus Bergamot Extract

BergaFEMME is not only a powerful natural female supplement, it is also a cardio supplement which includes the same ingredients in BergaMet Mega+O, the most powerful citrus bergamot nutritional supplement on the market containing more than 40% BPF.

The Ingredients in BergaFEMME may :

  • Helps maintain the body’s production of pregnenolone, progesterone and estrogen
  • Help with the hormonal imbalances common with menopause
  • Decrease symptoms like hot flushes, night sweating, vaginal dryness and mood swings
  • Improve athletic performance and strength
  • Reduce body fat
  • Improve liver function and decreases fat in the liver
  • Raise HDL and reduce triglycerides
  • Lower Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Levels
  • Improve Arterial Health

Clinical Trials

The ingredients in BergaFEMME have been proven to deliver impressive cardiometabolic health and decrease menopausal symptoms. They may increase energy levels, promote muscle strength and growth and decrease body fat. It contains 5 unique antioxidant flavonoids that may help support healthy cholesterol, blood glucose levels and liver function.


Reward Your Heart and Cardiovascular System

BergaFEMME is both a powerful natural female AND cardio supplement. In addition to natural herbs that enhance libido and energy, BergaFEMME also includes the same ingredients in BergaMet Mega+O, the most powerful citrus bergamot nutritional supplement on the market containing more than 40% BPF.

BergaFEMME Ingredients

  • Citrus Bergamot Extract (BPF 47%) 500mg
  • Zinc (Zinc Oxide) 3mg
  • Bulgarian Tribulus (45%) 150mg
  • MACA (Peruvian Gold) 200mg
  • Damiana (20%) 150mg

60 tablets per bottle  |  2 tablets per day before main meals

Citrus Bergamot Polyphenolic Extract BPF

The extract from the Citrus Bergamot fruit endemic to the Calabrian region of southern Italy.  Only BergaMet has been able to extract over 47% bergamot polyphenolic fraction (BPF) with our patented process. The region yields the most potent and effective citrus bergamot extract anywhere in the world.


Zinc (Zinc Oxide)

Zinc is needed for the proper growth and maintenance of the human body. It is found in several systems and biological reactions, and it is needed for immune function, wound healing, blood clotting, thyroid function, and much more. It is required for protein synthesis and cell growth.

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris (45%)

Tribulus terrestris is a well known herb that has been used in native Bulgarian medicine for many years as an energizer and revitalizer. It also enhances energy levels during workouts, flushes toxins from physical stress, decreases body fat, and promotes muscle strength and growth.

MACA (Peruvian Gold)

Maca is a natural adaptogen herb known for assisting with menopause conditions as it may decrease symptoms like hot flashes, night sweating, vaginal dryness, mood swings and depression.

It is not a hormone but a staple food herb that can taken and allows a women to produce her own hormones. The product is safe, 100% organic and naturally grown without pesticides, artificial fertilizers or chemicals.


This herb is traditionally been used as an aphrodisiac. Modern research supports this use as well. Additionally, it has been used as a herbal remedy for anxiety. This medicinal herb is thought to have hormonal balancing properties. It’s used to help with the hormonal imbalances common with menopause in women.

BergaFEMME Increase Your Libido and Sex Drive 100% Naturally!



BergaFEMME Increase Your Libido and Sex Drive 100% Naturally!

"After having used several different supplements promising to diminish menopausal symptoms without much success, I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to BergaFemme.  After about 6-8 weeks I began noticing a huge difference in my symptoms.  My hot flashes began diminishing tremendously, my energy level increased and my libido re-surfaced." 

" I highly recommend this product to any woman going through the ‘change’." *

Rita - USA


BergaFEMME Increase Your Libido and Sex Drive 100% Naturally!

"BergaFEMME has established a confident feeling that my body is improving physically day by day. My weight is stabilized after losing a few pounds and I feel like I have good tone and definition from walking and combining BergaFEMME to my diet. This in turn makes my mental disposition more positive."

"Remarkably, my mental/physical well-being is more balanced since using this product." *

Gwen - Denver, Colorado


BergaFEMME Increase Your Libido and Sex Drive 100% Naturally!

"Since the onset of menopause approx. 2 years ago I've been suffering an average of 20 to 30 hot flushes everyday making life considerably uncomfortable. Wanting to take a more natural approach I began taking BergaFEMME and within 2 to 3 weeks I noticed a significant decrease to an average of 4 or 5 per week. I feel better in myself generally and now have days where I don't feel I'm going through menopause at all.  I couldn't be happier with the results.  Even my sister has started taking it after noticing the significant improvement in my symptoms."

"I would recommend BergaFEMME to everyone.  No other product I tried made a difference." *

Tracy - Queensland, Australia


BergaFEMME Increase Your Libido and Sex Drive 100% Naturally!

"I have been taking BergaFEMME now for some 8 weeks with real health benefits. During this time I have lost 2 dress sizes and have been able to increase my exercise programme due to a significant increase in my energy levels."

"BergaFEMME has given me more energy and a new lease on life!" *

Carolyn - Los Angeles, California


BergaFEMME Increase Your Libido and Sex Drive 100% Naturally!

"I have been taking BergaFEMME for nearly 3 months now with considerable benefits. During this period I have increased my exercise due to a significant increase in energy which has resulted in a decrease of 40lbs in weight, especially body fat around the belly."

"I would recommend BergaFEMME to everyone looking to improve their overall health." *

Melissa - Las Vegas, Nevada



BergaFEMME Increase Your Libido and Sex Drive 100% Naturally!

"As I reached retirement age my energy level was dropping and the pounds slowly increasing. After 3 months of taking BergaFEMME I lost 7 pounds and my energy levels have risen so much that I feel 10 years younger. Also, a great bonus, hot flashes have decreased greatly."

"I would encourage any woman looking for improved health and energy to try this product!" *

H.P. - Casper, Wyoming


* Results may vary from person to person. Always consult your Doctor if unsure.

This product does not claim to treat, diagnose or cure any diseases.

BergaMet is a supplement and has not been approved by the FDA.