Doctor Testimonials

With its multitude of health benefits, BergaMet is recommended by physicians, cardiologists & health practitioners all over the world. There is no better endorsement for a health supplement than from those who use and recommend it. BergaMet is the most powerful natural Cardiovascular supplement available.


“It is my opinion that BergaMet is the most important natural substance for the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease that has been available over the past thirty to fifty years. I have prescribed BergaMet to around 5,000 patients and recommend anyone over 50 should take this as a preventative agent.”

“The longer you take it, the greater the benefit.” *


Dr Ross Walker MB, BS (hons) FRACP, FCSANZ   Cardiologist

“Like 80 million Americans, I have struggled to overcome high cholesterol and my own case of metabolic syndrome, including high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar and an expanding waistline. Frankly, with a family history (brother and father) of early heart disease, I have been very worried.

So like many of my patients, I have been taking a daily statin cholesterol drug, a blood pressure pill, eating better and exercising more — all very important things to do."

“My cholesterol has never been better, and I have lost a few pounds!” *


Dr James Ehrlich MD

“In my opinion, BergaMet Pro + (BPF 47%) has immense potential to treat cardiometabolic syndrome and even help in the reduction of cardiovascular risk factors due to its hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic effects, along with improving endothelial function. It could be leveraged as a standalone nutraceutical for dyslipidemia in some patients or used in combination with statin therapy to assist with minimizing side effects.”

“The unique composition of BergaMet make it a suitable efficacious and safe therapy for addressing the regulation of fat, cholesterol and carbohydrate metabolism.” *


Deanna Minich MS, PhD, FACN, CNS   Internationally recognized teacher, author, scientist, speaker, and artist.

John A. Rumberger PhD, MD, FACC, FSCCT    

Director of Cardiac Imaging  - The Princeton Longevity Center


“I have been practicing Cardiology for more than 35 years and was a Principal in the development at the Mayo Clinic regarding applications of cardiac CT in diagnosis of pre-clinical atherosclerosis. A close and trusted colleague suggested that I review the expanding research on a highly concentrated and proprietary extract of the Calabria bergamot fruit called BergaMet. The research is impressive. BergaMet significantly lowers triglycerides, increases HDL, and improves insulin resistance. Finally, BergaMet has anti-inflammatory/anti-oxidant properties.”

“On a personal note, I am taking BergaMet on a twice daily basis and have experienced benefits of lowering my LDL cholesterol, lowering my triglycerides, and importantly increasing my genetically low HDL concentration. Like I said I am a ‘tough sell’.” *

Fred Grover Jr. MD, FAAFP   

Integrative, Functional, Anti-Aging and Wellness-Oriented Primary Care – Colorado 

“I’ve seen impressive results with BergaMet Pro+ in lowering LDL in my patients, and in improving fasting glucose.”

“Many benefit from weight loss with it as well. It is a excellent natural monotherapy for hyperlipidemia in many, but can also be used in combination with other lipid lowering medications, diet and lifestyle changes for improved results.” *

* Results may vary from person to person. Always consult your Doctor if unsure.

This product does not claim to treat, diagnose or cure any diseases.

BergaMet is a supplement and has not been approved by the FDA.