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Can Citrus Bergamot naturally lower LDL cholesterol for women?

March 05, 2020 2 min read


Hello my name is Dr. James Rouse I'm a naturopathic family doctor I've written 13 books my focus is integrated medicine but my joy is to serve people to help them become the greatest versions of themselves.

 You know most importantly I want to say good for you for thinking
about how it is that you can go for complementary support in your quest to create overall health and well-being. 
Not just for your heart, but your entire journey, and this is an interesting time and I think for so many people who are in that area where they're working on their hormonal harmony they're thinking about their emotional predisposition and want to have more happiness and more positivity at the same time addressing how it is that their heart and their cholesterol is also being supported and that is why I am so grateful to have a product that I can recommend to all my female patients. 
This is HERHEART, it's BergaMet Bergamot Citrus SuperFruit™. 
Now I know that is a tongue twister,  you're thinking BergaMet Bergamot Citrus SuperFruit™, Exactly!  It is the only heart health product out there that is specifically designed for her heart looking at the needs that you have whether it's addressing something that's going to help you manage your statins potentially even lowering the dose of the statins that you're on to hopefully manage your cholesterol, maybe in some cases actually helping get off the statins altogether, but it goes beyond that.
There's two ingredients one called maca the other ones called damiana, great ingredients that have been shown to help with supporting overall emotional predisposition, helping us to feel more positive, just helping us to bring more overall health and well-being so when you're out there looking for a products not just addressing your heart health but you're also thinking I want an overall wellness product that is specific to me as a woman, I'm looking for something like HERHEART BergaMet Bergamot Citrus SuperFruit™,  the only product designed for you and your overall well-being.

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