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Can I naturally lower my Statin dosage and side effects with Citrus Bergamot?

March 05, 2020 2 min read

Hello my name is Dr. James Rouse I'm a naturopathic family doctor I've written 13 books my focus is integrated medicine but my joy is to serve people to help them become the greatest versions of themselves.

What I find so inspirational it's people like you that are saying gosh you know what,
yeah I'm on a statin drug you know what, I know it's not always gonna be easy, there's a lot of side effects but I want to do all I can and I commend you for
your proactive approach taking care of your heart and approaching your cholesterol.
That's why statins can be so beneficial, but unfortunately with statins there's a lot of side effects and we know that for many people we say gosh if I could just lower my dose potentially I could see some of these side effects go down, but could it even be possible that if I do the right things I could even get off statins altogether? 
Well I want to share a little something with you, I really want you to talk to your doctor about this because this is powerful, this is actually BergaMet Bergamot Citrus SuperFruit™  and when you think about this as complementary support we have clinical studies that say that when you take this
supplement you're literally gonna find it working synergistically with statins.
Many cases actually helping you lower the dosage helping you with it lowering
those side effects in a few cases we've actually seen patients literally get off
their statins by taking BergaMet Bergamot Citrus  Super Fruit™ and it's all about one key thing when you're thinking about the power of a super fruit, think about the concentration of something called polyphenols, I know it's like a scrabble word right polyphenols, poly meaning many phenols many antioxidants all coming together in a concentrated form that complements the way your statins work. 
Complements supporting your heart in may help you to lower the dose of statins and in a few cases getting off your statins altogether. Do your research, talk with your doctor we hope that we can serve you on your journey creating greater heart health.

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