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Doctors recommend natural Citrus Bergamot to lower cholesterol, and support perimenopausal symptoms

March 05, 2020 2 min read


Hello my name is Dr. James Rouse. I'm anaturopathic family doctor. I’ve written13 books my focus is integrated medicinebut my joy is to serve people to helpthem become the greatest versions ofthemselves.


Okay so doc to doc, how many ofyour patients are women and how many ofyour patients are women sometimes of theages of 45 and maybe 65 years old?


They've come in they've got issuesaround Pera models perimenopausalsymptoms. They're taking statin drugs,you're saying yourself “gosh you knowwhat can I do to maybe help themlower their dosage of statins? Potentially even get off the statindrugs, manage all the other symptomsgoing along with this and do it in avery complimentary science-based way”, andthat's why I love the product HERHEART.


HERHEART is the Bergametna bergamotCitrus SuperFruit™ you've probably heardof, its great clinical evidence greatclinical support and it's the only hearthealth product out there specificallyformulated to help women with cholesterol, to help women with

managing their hormones, to help womenwith managing their overall emotionalpredisposition during this unique time. 


Iwant to encourage you as Doc's to thinkabout what it is that you can do thatyou can feel you're taking that nextstep to provide your female patientswith good clinical support, somethingthat's easily synergistic with statindrugs and on top of that something thatthey walk away with feeling proactiveand more peaceful

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