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August 12, 2021 3 min read

Does Citrus Bergamot Reduce Cholesterol?

High cholesterol is a serious health problem. It causes heart attacks and strokes. A lot of modern solutions to this problem rely on completely unnatural products or medicines. 

Heart attacks are caused by Cholesterol blocking blood flow in your blood vessels, eventually leading to a heart attack. 

We all know that high cholesterol can be dangerous, but it's not just about bad eating habits or lack of exercise. There are multiple factors that contribute to your blood lipid levels like genetics, stress and more.

Is there a natural solution to reducing Cholesterol?

There are many substances which are claimed to lower cholesterol, but Bergamot Citrus has been proven a number of times to do exactly that. 

This study found that citrus bergamot juice reduced LDL (bad) cholesterol by 12% in only 8 weeks! The results were so surprising they had their research published in the American Journal of Cardiology!

Still don’t believe us? We recommend you give our “Bergamet Mega+0 - Take two 600mg capsules a day and let us know if you lowered your cholesterol! They are considered to be some of the strongest and highest-quality Bergamot Citrus Supplements in the world.

What exactly is Citrus Bergamot and what does it taste of?

This extract from the bergamot fruit, which interestingly enough is a type of citrus plant that has been used for centuries as an herbal remedy and in cuisine because it provides a distinctive flavor. 

It tastes like oranges but with more acidity to its taste than other types of citruses such as grapefruit or tangerines. The extract can be taken orally by dissolving them into either water or tea; however there are some guidelines on how much should be ingested depending on the severity of your cholesterol problem. 

Should I take Citrus Bergamot supplements on an empty stomach?

There is a lot of discussion about this in the Bergamot community. It is thought that taking it on an empty stomach makes it more effective, but some reviews online claim that they felt a little sick after taking them without food in them. As usual with the human body, it is up to the person, and we recommend taking one dose on an empty stomach, and if you don’t feel great, start taking them after a meal instead!

How much bergamot should I take to lower my cholesterol?

General guidelines are hard to come across, but taking 600 mg capsules containing this extract once daily will help you lower bad cholesterol within one month's time frame per doctor instructions while also helping strengthen the body's natural immunity system. 

After around a month of these dosages, you can expect to have lowered your cholesterol. It can take a slightly longer time to lower it by as much as 10-30% (as proven in the study above) 

Does bergamot work like a statin?

Bergamot BPF is the new, natural alternative to statins. This citrus fruit extract decreases total cholesterol and LDL levels while increasing HDLs as much or more than a prescribed drug with no adverse side effects for patients.

They are thought to work in similar ways, but Bergamot is preferred by many people because it’s a truly natural solution. Which is more effective is a difficult question to answer, and some people may even take them in combination.

Can I take Bergamot and Statins together?

According to the research, Bergamot combined with statins provides many advantages over using just one or the other. For example, compared to people who use only a statin drug without any bergamot polyphenols: They can lower their LDL cholesterol levels even more dramatically

It is also possible that when used in combination these two drugs will provide an additional benefit of lowering HDL-cholesterol as well.

It’s definitely best to check with a medical professional before mixing any two substances together!

What are the other potential lesser-known benefits of Bergamot?

Some other benefits about this wonderful supplement can include:

  • Helping with joint pain
  • Insomnia/sleeping problems


We are passionate about Bergamot; and that is why we’re so happy to announce that it’s a scientifically-proven method of reducing cholesterol. It was thought to do this for many years, but Western science has been pushing towards a medication-based view, slowly moving away from these more traditional healing methods.

That is why we are so proud of our Bergamot supplements, we are a globally recognized Bergamot brand, trying to bring this wonderful supplement to those who may need it. 

We hope you consider us if you’re looking to lower your Cholesterol!