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How do statin dosages affect effectiveness?

November 11, 2019 1 min read

If a certain dosage of medication has a certain effect on the body, then increasing the amount of that medication that's being taken is also going to increase the effect on the body, right?


Well, in most cases, yes. But like all medication, the effects of increasing your statin dose aren't static and stable.


The most common statins in use tend to see a reduction of LDL cholesterol in the blood of around 40% on low doses. For example, Rosuvastatin at a 5mg dose tends to lower LDL by around 41%.


Oddly, doubling this dose to 10mg only increases the effect by a relatively minor amount, with LDL levels at this dosage dropping by an average of 48%, which is 7% higher, or around a 15% total increase.


This seems consistent across all known statins. It seems like once the minimum effective dose has been hit, increasing the dose of statins a patient is on ends up with severely diminished returns.


This is reason number one to only take a low dose of statins.

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