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I like meat. What kind of meat should I eat to help control my cholesterol?

November 24, 2019 2 min read

You should go for lean meat and avoid red meat, liver, and chicken legs without skin if you opt to eat meat. Red meats such as port, beef, and lamb contain more saturated fats than lean meats like chicken. But you should know that chicken legs contain a lot of unsaturated fat, and frequent intake can increase your cholesterol level. The liver contains a lot of nutrients and a lot of cholesterol; therefore, liver and chicken legs should be consumed in moderation.

Tips for eating meat

  • When shopping for meat, ensure they aren't red meat and go for lean cuts.
  • While preparing your meat to ensure to trim off as much fat and skin as possible if you find any in them
  • If you find a melted fat after cooking ensure to pour it off
  • Adopt healthier cooking methods like baking, broil, stew, or roasting, and avoid frying. Frying would drain the liquid content in it and absorb oil, which can increase your cholesterol level.
  • Avoid or minimize processed red meat such as hot dogs, beef jerky, ham, sausages and lot more
  • Minimize your meat consumption. Ensure that less than 7% of your caloric intake comes from fats
  • When shopping for meat opts for boneless, skinless chicken or turkey breast.
  • Pork tenderloin, beef round, sirloin are other lean meat you should opt for
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