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Improve your heart health with this one amazing Superfruit featuring Dr. James Rouse

March 05, 2020 2 min read


Hello my name is Dr. James Rouse I'm a naturopathic family doctor I've written 13 books my focus is integrated medicine but my joy is to serve people to help them become the greatest versions of themselves.

Now as somebody who's absolutely dedicated to creating a life that they love, you're gonna love the fact that this product the BergaMet Bergamot Citrus SuperFruit™ is all about supporting you in the integrative lifestyle.
Your doctor recommends this product because the clinical evidence, but, what are you looking for?  You want something that works.
I want to take you through a little bit of a journey why this is the next superfood BergaMet Bergamot Citrus SuperFruit is all about something called polyphenols. 
Think of those like supercharged antioxidants protecting your blood vessels, protecting your heart and helping your cholesterol from oxidizing but also take it one step further if your heart was gonna say hey if I could eat anything under the Sun something was gonna really help protect my heart, help support me on a journey towards overall wellness, this is the next superfood. Why because we have
clinical science that you can trust.
Let's face it, when you walk out of your doctor's office you want two things, number one, you want to know if something has great clinical relevance that your doctor believes in, and number two something that you can take easily every
single day and know that you are proactively taking care of your heart health.

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