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Is statin safe for me?

November 05, 2019 2 min read

There are uncertainties about the safety of the use of statin therapy, especially for older people. As a way of finding its impact, a study carried out a meta-analysis of data that compares the effects of statin medication for different ages. It was estimated that the impact on major vascular events such as major coronary events, strokes, coronary revascularisations, cause-specific mortality, and cancer incidence.

The analysis was carried out for 1000 patients with scheduled statin treatment with a duration of at least two years. These were the findings

  • 21% reduction in major vascular events in all age groups
  • 24% reduction in major coronary events
  • 25% proportional reduction in the risk of coronary revascularization procedures
  • 12% proportional reduction in vascular mortality

The analysis also found out that there is less direct evidence of the benefit of statin therapy for people older than 75 years — especially those who do not have evidence of occlusive vascular disease. Statin reduces vascular events irrespective of age, but the more advanced you are, the fewer effects it would have, especially for people older than 75 years.

Despite its benefit, there have been many controversies surrounding the use of statin therapy.


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