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Should statins be used as a main treatment for heart issues?

November 09, 2019 2 min read

No. The short term beneficial effects on heart health from using statin medication is an incidental effect, and one that just happens to be healthy for the person taking them.


The research on this is clear, too. Whilst statins have a noticeable effect when it comes to preventing short term issues related to heart health, and can noticeably affect the chances of someone suffering from short term heart issues, the effect is still not enough that it should be relied on.


If you're at risk of heart problems, your medical practitioner will give you the appropriate treatment, do not simply think that because you're taking statins, all of your problems have just melted away.


On top of this, whilst the effects of statins on heart health are good, and it helps to prevent short term attacks, statin use actually has no effect on the amount of people who die from issues like heart failure.


This is because of the difference in cause.


Heart attacks and angina are generally caused by bodily issues like inflammation or arterial constriction.


However, heart failure is generally a result of abnormal heartbeats or pump failure, which the inflammation reducing effects of statins will do nothing to treat.


This means if you have existing or underlying heart health problems, statins will not do anything to help with treatment.


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