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What can women do to naturally lower cholesterol, improve LDL, and support perimenopausal symptoms?

March 05, 2020 2 min read


Hello my name is Dr. James Rouse I'm a
naturopathic family doctor I've written
13 books my focus is integrated medicine
but my joy is to serve people to help
them become the greatest versions of
Now I want to tell you
straight up I am so excited for you
because you know what,  at this time in
your life and particularly women between
ages of 45 and maybe 65 there's a lot of
things happening.  I don't need to tell
you but I've seen so many patients over
my 20 years of clinical practice, so many
patients looking for support they're on
statin medication they're looking for
something and could potentially help
them with lowering the dosage maybe and
potentially helping to get off it
altogether but they also want something
that's specifically formulated to
address the unique needs of women and
that's why I love the product HERHEART.
 This is the only product out there that
is specifically formulated to address
the nature and the specific needs of
women particularly during the hormonal
time of perimenopause menopause itself
potentially helping to address not just
cholesterol and heart health but also
menopausal symptoms. Things like hot
flashes, things like emotional well-being
combination of the BergaMet Bergamot
Citrus SuperFruit™ which is our primary
ingredient and density that actually is
relevant but on top of that using two
ingredients that you're gonna love. Maka
and damiana, you can look them up but
just to let you know they have great
evidence that actually helps with
emotional well-being, possibly helping
with hot flashes, but overall giving you
a synergistic support so you can feel
your best as you move forward in your
life. Being proactive healthy, heart
healthy and overall well-being is yours
as you create a life that you love.

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