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Customer Testimonials

Ladies, we all know how miserable menopause can be. I have been taking BergaFemme to manage my menopause symptoms and I am happy to report:HOT FLASHES ARE GONE!NIGHT SWEATS ARE GONE!MOOD SWINGS ARE GONE!ENERGY LEVEL HAS INCREASED!All my girlfriends want to know my secret and I tell them it's BergaFemme! Thank you BergaFemme for making me feel like myself again.” 

Diane B. – Naples, Florida 

I was first introduced to BergaMet Ultimate Sport by my buddy, and was pretty skeptical. But, I was getting in the bad habit of always needing an extra cup of coffee or two, and wasn't getting quality sleep at night, so I figured I would give it a try. After just 3-4 days, I was feeling much more focused and up-beat, and no longer needed my usual coffee. I was maintaining my energy throughout the day, and at night I was getting quality sleep and waking up feeling rested. It has now been about 3 months, and BergaMet Ultimate Sport is a permanent part of my daily routine. No weird side effects, and no drop-offs if I don't take it for a couple days. My performance at work is at an all time high, and even my fiance has noticed I have more energy around the house and on the weekends. I'll even take it before soccer and flag football games for an extra kick to get me going on the field. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a natural way to get their edge back! ” 

Kevin B. – Richmond, Virginia

"16 months ago my doctor told me I had high cholesterol, old age diabetes, needed to go on a statin and had to lose some weight or I was heading towards a possible heart attack. This was a huge wake-up call. I don't like pharmaceutical medication and statins make me sick, so I started researching the best way to address my symptoms naturally. I started taking BergaMet PRO + and every time I went back to my doctor he was amazed! He took me off the cholesterol pills he initially prescribed and my blood sugar just kept on improving to the point of being diabetes free. Since taking BergaMet PRO + I completely reversed my old age diabetes, lowered my cholesterol, lost 40lbs and have felt healthier than ever! I cannot recommend BergaMet PRO+ highly enough and now have all my family and friends taking it."*

R.K. - Vancouver, Canada

“After almost 15 years of taking statins my blood numbers just kept getting worse with age. My Doctor recommended I double my statins. Since my blood pressure, glucose, liver functions and weight were all going the wrong way too, I decided more statins would probably mean more trouble. At the suggestion of a friend I started taking BergaMet Mega+O. After 3 months my blood work showed lower LDL, raised HDL, lower triglycerides, lower glucose with moderately better liver function. All this after just 3 months - AMAZING! I recommend BergaMet Mega+O to anyone looking for a natural solution to address high cholesterol. It changed my life!”*

J.D. Denver, Colorado

I can honestly say that when I first saw this product I thought here we go again with another phony memory supplement. Against my gut feeling I tried BergaMet Ultimate Memory. I can not hold back the excitement about the results I have seen. I have immediately seen results. I am more alert, I have a sharper, quicker mind. Usually I do not remember what I ate for breakfast the day before but now I am remembering things I would forget instantly such as people's names. I am very happy with the results I have seen, not to mention knowing that I am getting healthy heart benefits as well! This is honestly a memory supplement that works!” 

James – San Diego, California

I have been on BergaMet Sport for the last 6 months and have noticed a huge difference in not only my muscle recovery but also the reduction in inflammation.As a 41 year old, everything hurts after strenuous activity and it normally takes days to recover. Since I have been on BergaMet Sport the inflammation in my knees has almost disappeared and I have a higher capacity for exercise without punishing my body. The best part, 100% natural and zero side effects.”“I wish I had this product 20 years ago.BergaMet Sport does such an impressivejob, I can see every professional sportingteam wanting to use this.” 

M.B. – Las Vegas, Nevada

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