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BergaMet products - BergaMet MEGA+O for Cardiovascular and Cholesterol Health

BergaMet MEGA+O


“After almost 15 years of taking statins my blood numbers just kept getting worse with age. My Doctor recommended I double my statins. Since my blood pressure, glucose, liver functions and weight were all going the wrong way too, I decided more statins would probably mean more trouble.

At the suggestion of a friend I started taking BergaMet Mega+O.

After 3 months my blood work showed lower LDL, raised HDL, lower triglycerides, lower glucose with moderately better liver function.”

“All this after just 3 months, Amazing!” *

 J.D. Denver, Colorado


BergaMet products - BergaMet PRO+ for Cardiometabolic Health

BergaMet PRO+


"16 months ago my doctor told me I had high cholesterol, old age diabetes, needed to go on a statin and had to lose some weight or I was heading towards a possible heart attack.

This was a huge wake up call.

I don't like pharmaceutical medication and statins make me sick, so I started researching the best way to address my symptoms naturally.

I started taking BergaMet PRO + and every time I went back to my doctor he was amazed!

He took me off the cholesterol pills he initially prescribed and my blood sugar just kept on improving to the point of being diabetes free.

Since taking BergaMet PRO + I completely reversed my old age diabetes, lowered my cholesterol, lost 40lbs and have felt healthier than ever!"

"I cannot recommend BergaMet PRO+ highly enough and now have all my family and friends taking it."  *

R.K. Vancouver, Canada


BergaMet products - BergaMet SPORT for Athletic Performance, Recovery and Stamina with Cardiovascular Benefits

BergaMet SPORT


"Over the past 24 months, players on Juventus Football Team have been using BergaMet SPORT with outstanding results.

2014-2015 saw the most successful Italian club in history win the coveted double (Coppa Italia and Scudetto Cup) and was a finalist in the Champions League  (one of the most prestigious competitions in Football).

They also defeated AC Milan in the final of the Coppa Italia in May 2016.

Players incorporated BergaMet SPORT into their dietary and fitness programs with demonstrably positive results in the way of increased recovery, decrease in muscular injuries, improvement in fitness levels and less inflammation."

"The combination of natural antioxidants in BergaMet SPORT not only promote increased performance but has the bonus benefits of supporting cardiovascular health." *

Professor Georgio Calabrese - Calabria, Italy


BergaMet products - BergaMALE - Clinically Proven For Erectile Dysfunction



"I previously had some bad side effects from the other pharmaceutical male enhancement products and was reluctant to try anything else.

I love that BergaMALE is 100% natural and has no side effects. Better still, it is very effective with great benefits. BergaMALE has given more energy and I have  subsequently lost weight because I am more active.  My blood pressure has also dropped."

"It really does make a HUGE difference." *

John - New York


BergaMet products - BergaFEMME improves Libido & Sexual Potency, balances hormones, reduces menopausal symptoms and improves cardio health



"Since the onset of menopause approx. 2 years ago I've been suffering an average of 20 to 30 hot flushes everyday making life considerably uncomfortable. 

Wanting to take a more natural approach I began taking BergaFEMME and within 2 to 3 weeks I noticed a significant decrease to an average of 4 or 5 per week.

I feel better in myself generally and now have days where I don't feel I'm going through menopause at all.  I couldn't be happier with the results. 

Even my sister has started taking it after noticing the significant improvement in my symptoms."

"I would recommend BergaFEMME to everyone.  No other product I tried made a difference." *


Tracy - Queensland, Australia

* Results may vary from person to person. Always consult your Doctor if unsure.

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