About Us | BergaMet North America


We founded BergaMet North America with a personal purpose: to provide others with the miracle supplement that changed our family’s lives for the better.

Founder Jay Decker saw astounding results in how his already normal cholesterol and blood pressure were supported and maintained within optimal range when he began taking BergaMet, but soon realized how few people knew about this superfruit supplement and its benefits. So, he started BergaMet, buying the North American rights to bergamot extract, working alongside experts to formulate the highest concentration supplement available to the public, and eventually creating a full line of X products to help regulate and maintain the different concerns of people everywhere.

The BergaMet brand was originally founded by Nathealth Solutions in Australia. It’s the only bergamot supplement approved by the prestigious Accademia del Bergamotto of Italy - an honor awarded only to the highest quality citrus bergamot products.

BergaMet North America is a family company based in Henderson, Nevada, and is the only authorized distributor of BergaMet brand products in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.