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BergaMet Quick Fact Sheet

  • Helps supports overall cholesterol, cardiovascular, metabolic, and neurological health 
  • Naturally sourced with no known side effects 
  • Always speak with your doctor before beginning any supplement regimen

Bergamot works by helping reduce levels of lipids (cholesterols and triglycerides) absorbed after meals, as well as reduces internal formation of cholesterol, promoting overall cholesterol and cardiovascular health. Bergamot also helps glucose enter cells, which can be beneficial for overall metabolic health.

Globally, more than 6000 patients are currently taking BergaMet.

Over 17 clinical trials have shown no significant side effects clearly correlating with the use of BergaMet to date.

BergaMet usually helps patients feel healthier and more energetic within a few weeks of regular use. The best time to measure cholesterol is around six months after starting to take BergaMet - usually after any associated weight loss appears to be stable, since active weight loss causes a temporary rise in cholesterol levels.

Based on numerous clinical trials, the minimum effective dosage and strength is 1000mg with a BPF (bergamot polyphenolic fraction) of 38 percent. All BergaMet products meet or exceed these standards - in fact, ours is the only product available to the general public that meets these minimum requirements. 

Bergamot, the key ingredient in all BergaMet products, is the only natural compound that works simultaneously on cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood glucose. 

Compared to other species of citrus, bergamot contains high numbers of unique polyphenols - antioxidants essential in support of overall mind and body health. Two of these, named Brutelidin and Melitidin, assist in the inhibition of cholesterol biosynthesis and are not found in any other citrus derivatives.

Experimental studies have recently revealed that bergamot extract may have a protective effect on brain tissues.

Recent studies have shown that the antioxidant molecules contained in bergamot may contribute to anti-inflammatory effects and have a positive effect on pain sensitivity.

In studies to date, BergaMet appears to have a beneficial effect on both arterial stiffness and endothelial function, the most important measures of vessel health and function. This occurs regardless of any effects on blood cholesterol levels.

BergaMet may have a beneficial effect on blood glucose because of its effects on cells’ “energy receptors.” In some patients, these energy receptors are partially “jammed,” and the only way the body knows to respond is by making more insulin. BergaMet acts on this receptor to facilitate opening, thus allowing more sugar to enter the cell. This is most likely also why BergaMet helps support healthy blood pressure and HDL.

BergaMet works by activating AMPK, which is the metabolic trigger for the breakdown of fat and sugar in the body. AMPK is considered to be a key therapeutic target in support of healthy weight and metabolism.

In studies to date, BergaMet appears to have a beneficial effect on arterial stiffness. This has been shown to occur regardless of any effects on blood cholesterol levels.

Although bergamot contains some similar antioxidants to those in grapefruit, grapefruit also has a profound effect on the metabolic pathways within the liver. Thus, grapefruit is responsible for blocking many medications. On the other hand, bergamot does not appear to have the same effect on the metabolic function of the liver, and therefore appears safe to take with most medications.

It is important to take BergaMet before eating because BergaMet works by assisting in blocking cholesterol absorption in the gut, which it can only optimize if it is in your system before food enters. There is still somewhat of a positive effect to taking BergaMet after eating, though, so if you forget before a meal, you should still take it after instead.

Yes, BergaMet is a naturally sourced bergamot extract supplement, with no added colors, flavors or preservatives. It is also free of wheat, gluten, fish, egg, dairy, and lactose.’ 

If you have questions about our products or company, or a question for our medical team, contact us here.

* Results may vary from person to person. Always consult your doctor before beginning any supplement regimen. This product does not claim to treat, diagnose or cure any diseases. BergaMet is a dietary supplement and has not been approved by the FDA. *