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Can you naturally complement Statin therapy for metabolic syndrome using Citrus Bergamot SuperFruit™

March 05, 2020 2 min read


Hello my name is Dr. James Rouse I'm a naturopathic family doctor I've written 13 books my focus is integrated medicine but my joy is to serve people to help them become the greatest versions of themselves.

So first and foremost I want
to let you know that you're not alone
metabolic syndrome is growing across the
entire world and in particular here the
United States more more people going oh
my goodness my cholesterol is rising oh
my gosh I can't believe I'm on that
verge of potentially having experience
with type-2 diabetes
and on top of that my metabolism is
slowing down now you may be looking for
alternatives out there something that's
gonna complement your statin therapy and
you may have read about something called
the bergamot super fruit now before you
go Wow this could be amazing and isn't
all bergamont created equal let me tell
you about something that you really want
to take to heart bergamot is a powerful
super fruit but not all bergamot sar
created equal there's something called
bergamot bergamot citrus super fruit now
I know that's a tongue twister but I
really want you to take this to heart
there's only one bergamot bergamot
citrus super fruit and that's for a
reason it's all about the concentration
of something called polyphenols
polyphenols simply means many
antioxidants and this is the only one
that's been clinically proven to have a
higher concentration in fact upwards of
forty seven percent concentration of
this super fruit versus the competition
somewhere between 35 and 38 percent so
you're getting more what's going to
benefit helping to approach managing
your statins helping to approach
managing cholesterol helping to support
your insulin in your metabolism so you
have an opportunity to work with
metabolic syndrome at a very true
integrated level so when you're shopping
or asking your doctor for what's the
best way that you can approach metabolic
syndrome be proactive with your diet
with your exercise and with supplements
ask your doctor and if they don't know
say hey guess what doc I've learned all
about something called bergamot bergamot
citrus super fruit they're gonna be
excited if they learned about this and
you are gonna be excited that you have
the best research most powerful super
fruit Under the Sun


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