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Should I be on statins?

November 03, 2019 1 min read

Usually, Statins are recommended for people who suffer from a heart attack or other forms of artery blockages or clogging. Blockages would mean air cannot flow freely to vital organs. High cholesterol levels can cause blockages or plaques to build up. Statins medication reduces hearth attack and other cholesterol-related problems, but they are sometimes combined with other heart health medications.


Whether you should be on a statin therapy depends on many factors, and you should never carry out self-medication. Your doctor would examine your cholesterol and other risk factors before placing you on statin therapy. However, knowing your cholesterol level can be beneficial and also a good place to start. Most people irrespective of age should keep their cholesterol level below 200 milligrams per deciliter while Low-density lipoprotein should be under 130mg/dl. LDL is bad cholesterol and should be kept below 100 mg/dl if you have had a heart attack. However, if you are at a high risk of heart attack or stroke, it should be kept below 70 mg/dl.


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