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Get the most out of your sport.
All Natural Citrus Bergamot SuperFruit™ Improves
Performance, Endurance, & Recovery 

BergaMet SPORTSHEART - Citrus Bergamot SuperFruit™ - BergaMet North America
BergaMet SPORTSHEART - Citrus Bergamot SuperFruit™ - BergaMet North America
BergaMet SPORTSHEART - Citrus Bergamot SuperFruit™ - BergaMet North America
BergaMet SPORTSHEART - Citrus Bergamot SuperFruit™ - BergaMet North America
BergaMet SPORTSHEART - Citrus Bergamot SuperFruit™ - BergaMet North America

BergaMet SportsHeart - Citrus Bergamot SuperFruit™ - (Clinically Proven)



  • BergaMet SPORTSHEART is Clinically Proven To Assist In:

    • Overall Muscle Recovery
    • Supporting Healthy Muscle Function
    • Metabolizing Fat
    • Overall Athletic Performance
    • Supporting Healthy Energy Levels
    • 26% in VO2 max heart rate max
    • 14% reduction in resting heart rate
    • 73% increase in nitric oxide at exercise
    • Managing Inflammation
    • 16% improvement in total cholesterol
    • Maintaining Healthy Arteries
    • Maintaining Healthy Immune System Function
    • Powerful Antioxidant Health
    • 20% Improvement in Blood Glucose


    Take 2 Tablets Daily - 60 Tablets per Bottle

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Dr. James Rouse

"SPORTSHEART is perfect for everyday athletes or professionals"

Imagine being able to:

u73% increase (73%) in Nitric Oxide at Exercise
u16% increase in VO2 Oxygen
u14% reduction in Maximum Heart Rate
u25% decrease (25%) in Reactive Hyperemia Index (Blood Vessel Function)

*Clinical study done in 30 Healthy Males Ages 23-33 Years average

11-time Ironman champion Lisa Bentley's secret to
Performance, Endurance, & Recovery 

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  • Healthy immune system function
  • Metabolize fat
  • Maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Support cardiovascular levels
  • Maintain healthy arteries
  • Powerful antioxidant health
  • Managing inflammation
  • Improve VO2 max
  • Healthy Energy Levels
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Formulated with all natural ingredients

Choline Bitartrate

Choline is used for liver disease, including chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis. It is also used for depression, memory loss, Alzheimer's disease and dementia, Huntington's chorea, Tourette's disease, a brain disorder called cerebellar ataxia, certain types of seizures, and a mental condition called schizophrenia..


An essential mineral, Very strong connection to the immune system. Magnesium has been shown to not only support your immune system but actually strengthen it. It can help stimulate and increase efficiency in combating illness and reducing symptoms of several respiratory conditions..


Maca contains protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins, including Vitamin C, which is important for immune function. Maca also boosts levels of glutathione and superoxide dismutase. These are two MAJOR disease fighters in the body. By boosting these levels, it not only improves your immune system but it helps balance glucose levels.


An essential mineral needed to stay healthy. It helps the immune system fight off invading bacteria and viruses. Also has anti-inflammatory properties. Zinc activates specific infection-fighting white blood cells. Zinc has been known to help reduce the duration and severity of colds & FLU.

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The Secret Ingredient "Bergamot"

Bergamot, or citrus bergamia, is a rare citrus fruit native to the Calabrian region of Southern Italy due to sensitivity to the weather and soil conditions, which accounts for 80 percent of the worldwide production of bergamot. This superfruit has been used for decades in the Calabrian regions for its beneficial effects in promoting overall health - particularly, in support of cholesterol, cardiovascular, and metabolic health*.

What makes bergamot unique among citrus fruits? Citrus bergamot contains five unique antioxidant polyphenols in unusually concentrated amounts, which help protect your body’s trillions of cells from free radical damage.

The juice and albedo of bergamot has a unique profile of flavanoid and glycosides, such as neoeriocitrin, neohesperidin, naringin, rutin, neodesmin, rhoifolin, and poncirin. Naringin has been shown to be beneficial in animal models of atherosclerosis, while neoeriocitrin and rutin have been found to exhibit a strong capacity to prevent LDL from oxidation. Importantly, bergamot juice is rich in brutieridine and melitidine with an ability to inhibit HMG-CoA reductase, which inhibits the liver's ability to produce LDL, resulting in reduced cholesterol levels in liver cells*

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17 Clinical Studies

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Dr. Dwight Lundell, MD

Heart surgeon health expert

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Dr. Ross Walker


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Dr. Gerald Haase, MD

Clinical professor of Surgery University Of Colorado

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Dr. James Rouse

Naturopathic doctor, Ironman, Triathlete, QVC wellness doctor

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Dr. Jim Silliman

Orthopedic surgeon

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Dr. Ara Suppiah

PGA tour doctor, ER physician, Chief wellness officer and medical analyst on the golf channel


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