Introducing BergaMet : The Most Powerful Natural Citrus Bergamot Supplement

BergaMet is the only product with 40% BPF (bergamot polyphenolic extract) or greater. Four of our five products contain 47% BPF. Most other products can only offer 30% BPF. We have the leading professionals in their fields continuously researching and improving BergaMet products, supported with multiple published clinical trials.

No other citrus bergamot product can match the strength and effectiveness of BergaMet for cardiovascular health. 

BergaMet MEGA+O Lowering LDL Cholesterol Raising HDL Cholesterol Lowering Blood Pressure Lowering Blood Sugar Levels Improvement in Healthy Arteries Improvement in Insulin Resistance Improvement  Liver Function Improvement in Lipid Function Decreases Abdominal Fat Anti-Inflammatory Treats Metabolic Syndrome Rich in Anti-Oxidants
BergaMet PRO+ Physician Strength
BergaMet Sport Enhances Athletic Performance and Cardio Health
BergaFEMME Increase Your Libido and Sex Drive 100% Naturally!

How to supplement your healthy lifestyle successfully


In terms of what I consider to be the good supplements that genuinely help, firstly we need to recognise them as being supplements to good health — people still need to practice the keys to healthy living.

When you’re around 50, it’s my view that the best supplement in the world is BergaMet (Pro +) which comes from the concentrated juice of the citrus bergamot fruit from the Calabrian region of Southern Italy. BergaMet has been shown in a number of studies to have profound effects on metabolism, breaking down sugar and fat in the gut, improving micro-circulation and converting one cholesterol type into another.

Dr Ross Walker MB, BS (hons) FRACP, FRSANZ endorses BergaMet

It’s a misconception that LDL is a ‘bad ‘cholesterol and HDL is ‘good’. LDL and HDL are divided into small and large components. Small LDL is bad for you but large LDL, which makes up most of your cholesterol, is naturally good for you and builds a healthy brain, cell membranes, metabolism, and also protects you against fatty liver, which affects a quarter of the population. Bergamet converts your small LDL to large LDL and we have published data that if you’re on a statin, you can add BergaMet and use a lower dose of statin and may get a better response to your cholesterol.

BergaMet Pro+

This is a twice-daily tablet from the juice of citrus bergamot fruit grown exclusively in Calabria, southern Italy. There is a large evidence-base around this product from well recognised international journals showing clearly that BergaMet has the following properties:

  • It may have a protective effect against fatty liver.
  • It may block cholesterol absorption in the gut, similar to Ezetrol and phytosterols.
  • Although it may not have a profound effect on the overall lipid profile, it converts small LDL to large LDL and small HDL to large HDL. My group published a study in the Journal of Clinical Lipidology last year, confirming these findings.
  • It is the only natural product available that positively benefits all aspects of metabolic syndrome.

* Results may vary from person to person. Always consult your Doctor if unsure.

This product does not claim to treat, diagnose or cure any diseases. BergaMet is a supplement and has not been approved by the FDA.