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Can Citrus Bergamot Improve Cholesterol Levels?

Citrus bergamot has been hailed as a breakthrough superfood that could reduce LDL cholesterol levels and support heart health. But does it actually work and what’s the proof?

We’ve talked a lot about this superfood and its benefits, but we’re not just blowing smoke. All the claims that we make about our bergamot products are backed by real clinical studies.

Does Citrus Bergamot Work?

In simple terms, yes, citrus bergamot is effective at reducing cholesterol levels and these claims are backed by a wealth of clinical studies.

The scientific process behind existing citrus bergamot trials/studies was the same one used for many other natural and prescription treatments.

It began with an observation.

Citrus bergamot grows in Calabria, southern Italy, where it is prized for its strong citrus tang, as well as its health benefits. Researchers noted that many people from this region were living longer and staying healthier while using bergamot as both a food and a traditional medicine.

They asked the question, “could bergamot be responsible for reduced mortality” and they researched into the fruit.

In doing so, they learned that citrus bergamot was loaded with a wealth of ingredients that provide known health benefits, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Once it was clear that citrus bergamot had potential as a natural treatment, the final step was to put it to the test with animal studies and then human studies.

This is when the real benefits of this Italian superfood came to light.

What Do The Studies Say?

There have been dozens of studies highlighting citrus bergamot’s ability to reduce LDL cholesterol, improve HDL cholesterol, manage blood sugar, and more.

Its effects are often on par with commonly prescribed drugs (such as Rosuvastatin), and it can be used in combination with these medications or in place of them (always consult with your physician before combining citrus bergamot with statins).

  • Reduces LDL Cholesterol for People with Statin Intolerance (source) A bergamot juice and extract was used to treat 38 patients with statin intolerance. The study reported notable improvements, suggesting that this treatment was a “novel therapeutic approach to reduce cLDL and tchol in patients with statin intolerance”.
  • Improved Total Cholesterol (source): 107 patients with metabolic syndrome and NAFLD were given bergamot extracts twice daily (for 120 days) and recorded massive improvements in their baseline levels of LDL and HDL.
  • Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health (source): Bergamot extracts were studied for their benefits in treating metabolic syndrome (MS) and non-alcoholic steato-hepatitis (NASH), with researchers reporting that it could assist with “reducing cardiometabolic risk in patients with MS.”
  • Helps with Cardiometabolic Risk Prevention (source): Bergamot could help to reduce the risks associated with hyperlipidemia and metabolic syndrome. It lowers lipid parameters in patients with these conditions and the study’s authors concluded that it could be a low-risk statin alternative, as well as a potential treatment for statin-intolerant patients.

Bergamot extracts are not just effective at reducing cholesterol. They could also help with pain management, immune support, liver health, neurological disorders, and more.

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