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Why HerHeart? By Dr. Nesochi (doctor recommended)

(NU) - Although COVID-19continues to grab the health head­lines, women in particular should not losesight of a chronic problem -- heart disease.

Heart disease is the numberone killer of women, but many women, whether they are wives, mothers, CEOs, orall of the above, tend to put others health and well-being ahead oftheir own, and may ignore symptoms. Symptoms of this dis­ease are often differentfor women than men, so women may not know what to look for.

According to the MayoClinic, women are more likely than men to report heart attack symptoms that arenot related to chest pain, including shortness of breath, nau­sea, sweating,pain in one or both arms, unusual tiredness, and indi­gestion. These symptomsare eas­ily missed, as most people associ­ate heart attacks with crushing chestpain.

Younger women may be sur­prisedto learn that they are at risk as well.

Women younger than 65 years,need to know the risk factors, too, especially those with a family his­tory ofheart disease, according to Dr. Neschochi Okeke, MD, a prac­ticing physician inNew York City and an expert in women's health.

"Being aware of theirunique heart disease symptoms is the first step towards prevention," saysDr. Okeke. Once women know the risks, they can continue to reduce them bymaking healthy lifestyle choices, such as maintaining a healthy weight,exercising regular­ly, limiting alcohol, and managing stress, and takingmedications as prescribed.

Women also may benefit fromsupplements designed to support heart health, especially the ingre­dient citrusbergamot, which has been shown in 17 clinical trials to support heart health.Not all berg­amot is the same, so women should be sure they are getting thehighest quality bergamot -- citrus berg­amot -- in health products.

In Italy, citrus bergamotis different from the bergamot that many peo­ple associate with licorice candyor Earl Grey tea. In fact, citrus bergamot can help promote and maintainhealthy arteries and healthy cholesterol levels, both of which can reduce awoman's risk of heart disease.
"Complementary support is critical these days as part of anywoman's journey to overall health and well-being, especially as peo­plerecognize the importance of a strong immune system, " says Dr. JamesRouse, a naturopathic fam­ily doctor and consultant to Berga­met NA, a producerof natural sup­plements featuring citrus bergamot.

The HerHeart supplement product for women from Bergamet NA contains Citrus Bergamot Superfruit , a unique high-quality citrus bergamot with a 47% BPF (bergamot polyphenol fraction) concentration (the highest avail¬able in North America and exclusive to Bergamet NA), along with other ingredients, damiana and MACA (also known as Peruvian Gold) that have been shown to help support overall health. HerHeart also supports women's health by promoting balanced hormones, which can help ease a range of menopausal symptoms including hot flashes, night sweats, irregular metabolism, and low energy.


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